Our Fabless Production Model

As a fabless semiconductor company, we outsource the semiconductor manufacturing process, which includes fabrication, assembly, testing and distribution, to premier suppliers across the globe. The supply chain management team is responsible for overseeing all aspects of this process, and our engineering operations teams manage process and package development, test program development and product quality, in accordance with our ISO-certified quality management system. この製造戦略により、高度な製造施設の恩恵を受けながら、当社の強みである設計に集中し、固定費や設備投資を最小限に抑えることができます。また、複数の最先端技術を調達するための戦略的な関係も活用することができます。


品質に対するCirrus Logicのコミットメントの重要な要素は、基盤となるサプライヤとの誠実な関係です。The company builds and maintains long-term relationships with tier-one suppliers that share our values and high standards. We expect those suppliers to create working conditions that are safe and treat workers with respect and dignity while maintaining an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing process. These close relationships help us mitigate potential reputational risks, build customer loyalty and deliver products with exceptional quality.

Cirrus Logic is a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), a nonprofit coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. All our suppliers must acknowledge receipt of and abide by our Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on the RBA Code of Conduct and includes additional customer requirements. Cirrus Logic uses the Supplier Code of Conduct for selecting and managing our network of suppliers. そして、四半期ごとのレビュー、スコアカード、年次監査、サプライヤ開発目標、製造工程の歩留まり、全体的な品質パフォーマンスなど、さまざまな方法を用いて関係の継続的改善を管理、評価、推進しています。

We encourage our tier-one suppliers to expect the same standards of operation from their leading suppliers. Whenever possible, the company leverages the RBA tools and initiatives in practical ways to build a responsible supply chain. In addition to abiding by the Supplier Code of Conduct, all of our foundries, assembly and test suppliers also maintain ISO 14001 environmental management system certificates. This demonstrates their commitment to responsible management of their environmental impacts.



Cirrus Logicは、サードパーティ・サプライヤとのあらゆる関係で、最高水準の製品品質と業務の一貫性を確保することに取り組んでいます。Cirrus Logicは、サプライ・チェーン全体の安全な労働環境、作業員に対する敬意と尊厳のある扱い、環境的および社会的責任のある製造工程を徹底することにも常に取り組んでいます。私たちは、あらゆる商取引において、一貫性と透明性を確保しながら、倫理的な方法で行動することに努めています。当社の反奴隷制度に関する最新の声明を以下に掲載しています。また、以前の20192018および2017年の声明もご確認いただけます。


Cirrus Logic collaborates closely with our supply chain partners to support responsible sourcing of materials. As active participants in the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) we’re proud of our efforts to be transparent in our conflict minerals reporting.


Cirrus Logicは、半導体の設計と製造において、特定の危険物質の使用の禁止・制限に取り組んでいます。当社は、環境への影響を最小限に抑えるために、EU RoHSEU REACHなどの、適用される規制要件を遵守します。